Learning Games For Preschoolers During Car Travel

Many families drive to their summer vacation spots every year. A family may take this opportunity to organize a road trip with their children.

But, road trips can quickly become boring for younger children if they don’t have something to keep them busy.

You don’t have the option of leaving your children staring blankly at the TV for hours. You have many other options to keep your kids entertained along the way, such as this blog by parents.

  • Search for color:In color search, one person in a car will call out the color. Other family members will then have to identify the object that they see through the window of the car. You can spice it up by adding speed. If someone calls out an object quickly enough, they win. The person who calls the next color will be the one to replace them. Limiting the number of objects that players can recognize can make the game more challenging. Tell them to use the color green as a clue and that they have to look for green billboards.
  • Tongue twister sentences Pick one sound or one letter, then ask everyone to create strange sentences that start at that sound or letter. To encourage imagination, ask your children to use things that they have seen around the house or in their car to create their sentences. Keep the game lighthearted, and everyone will have a lot of fun coming up with the most ridiculous sentences.
  • ABC Scavenger Hunt: This classic road trip game has been played for decades. Families are asked to identify objects that start with a particular letter. The winner will be the family member who can correctly identify the object starting with each letter. Making the game more interesting for your children can be as simple as creating illustrations or a map that will help them locate what they are looking. You can use the A symbol for Apple or B for billboard.
  • We all love this game. But instead of following the traditional rules, let’s make it more fun. Instead of using color, play the game using shapes. It would be something like “I see, with my little eyes, something round”, and your children would have to look for objects that are also circles.
  • Counting livestock: If your car passes an area that is home to sheep and cows, you can let your kids practice their counting skills with this game. If someone spots a cow in the car window, they’ll shout “count cows” and all participants must count as many as possible. Participants in the game are expected to keep track on how many cows they spot. The game ends with the winner being the person who has counted all of the cows.
  • ABC license platesThe game starts when someone spots the A letter on a licenseplate. Encourage your fellow children to find other letters on license plates. So, for example, once you have found A, each of your players will wait until you find B on a license plate. The winner of the game is the player who spots the most letters the fastest. To make it easier, you can include the option to spot letters on billboards or trucks.

You don’t have to play these games. You can find learning Portal and download educational worksheets, fun learning games, and kids videos. Follow these learning games and have fun with your children while driving in .

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