Benefits of Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance Policy helps a business grow safely and steadily by insuring against the high risk of unpaid invoicing. It protects your business from volatility in cash flows by insuring you against the risk that the buyer will not pay for the goods/services you have received.

Risk prevention

A database of information covering 80 million companies is available. All these resources can be used to evaluate current and future customers. It’s important to face it up front and we can help you review your relationships so that you can trade with creditworthy customers.

Increased cash flow

Your cash flow can be a valuable but fragile resource. Unpaid invoices and insolvencies are a major threat to any business. This is something that everyone in the industry knows. They can be a major threat to your cash flow as well as your business survival. Credit insurance, which is simple, reliable, and affordable, can replace cash flow lost to non-payments or customer insolvency.

Business development

Niche will ensure that your debtors are taken care of so you can pursue your business goals. We can also analyze any country, sector, or company risk that you might be exposed to during normal trading. Once again, this will allow you to focus on developing and growing your company.

Trade finance with security

Secured receivables will be more appreciated by financial institutions. Niche credit insurance policies can help you obtain better credit options and borrow terms.

Improve your supplier relationships

You may find that valued suppliers who are aware of your credit insurance will be more open to you.

Enhanced credit management

With our expert advice and niche credit insurance, you can add structure to your credit management.

Peace of mind

Credit insurance helps you to reduce your trading risk and make informed business decisions. With credit insurance, you can focus on what is most important and build your business. You are safe knowing your accounts are secure and that the information you require is readily available.

A credit insurance broker provides advice in a provider-neutral manner. He provides an overview of the market and the products he offers, and then discusses individual risks with customers to make recommendations.

What is credit insurance?

Credit Insurance also known as export credit insurance, bad debt protection, or trade credit insurance is a type of business insurance that covers losses due to non-payment.

Companies often face issues with unpaid invoices. If these invoices are not paid on time, they can lead to bankruptcy or company losses. Credit Insurance can protect your company from trade-related debts not being paid. Credit insurance can give you the confidence you need to grow your business profitably. It also allows you to offer credit to new customers, without worrying about insolvency. This article explains what happens when one company goes under.

Credit insurance is, in its simplest form credit insurance. It protects your cash flow and helps you to keep your bottom line from the worst.

What does credit insurance look like?

Credit insurance policies require you to provide information about your business and customers. You must provide information on your customers and business, such as a list of top buyers or recent losses. We will review the financial status of your buyers to determine credit limits and terms of the business, such as the maximum invoice period.

Some cases allow automatic coverage of a percentage or a certain amount of sales to provide greater trading flexibility.

We will monitor the customers of your company and adjust the coverage as needed. You can also add customers as your business grows.

Credit decisions can be applied to increase, reduce, or even remove credit. We monitor your customers to help you grow your business safely and avoid loss.

If your customer doesn’t pay you in time or not at all, you can notify our office and we will pursue the debt for you.

When a customer is insolvent and/or financially unable, you may file a claim.

Credit insurance covers you against:

  • Bad debt
  • Late payments
  • Political risk
  • Natural disaster
  • Pre-shipment risks
  • Insurance policies can vary depending on who you are.


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