How To Use Your Candle Jars Again?

We've created the definitive tutorial on how to reuse and recycle your candle containers for our candle junkies with a small hoarding tendency or a soft spot for the environment!


How Should A Candle Container Be Cleaned?

First and foremost, you must remove the current wax from your container. You may find a more detailed explanation on our site How to Remove Candle Wax, however, you can start by utilising one of three methods: freezing, washing, or boiling.


Candle Wax For Freezing:

Freeze your candle jars for a couple of hours. This causes the wax to solidify, making it easier to remove the contents with a knife. A warm, damp paper towel can be used to remove any leftover wax or residue. Although this is the most basic way, it works best with harder waxes such as paraffin or beeswax.


How To Wash Your Candle Container?

First, use a knife to scrape away as much wax as possible from the container. The residue should then be cleaned with hot water and soap. This works better with softer, more natural waxes, such as our coconut and soy wax. For simple cleanup, we recommend using paper towels. This approach will most likely take the longest time, and you must be careful not to get too much wax down your pipes.


Method Of Double Broiler:

The doubler boiler approach is useful for stubborn waxes that have become adhered to your candle jar. Simply immerse your candle container in hot water to soften the wax on both sides. When the wax has softened, carefully remove the jar and drain the leftover liquid wax.



  • Avoid overheating the glass.
  • Never pour solid or liquid wax down the drain since it will block it.
  • Do not use a microwave since many wicks have a metal clip at the bottom that might catch fire.
  • Take care not to shatter the glass.


Reusable Candle Container

Now that you've gotten rid of that annoying old wax, it's time to repurpose your content. You may reuse your jar in a variety of ways. Candle holders are useful for storage and DIY projects. 

Here are a few examples:

Storage Of Beauty:

We enjoy storing beauty brushes in our dishes! The covered candle jars wholesale are also a clever way to hide beauty items like Q-tips in your containers. You may also store perfume samples or minor cosmetic accessories like hair ties in here to keep your vanity neat.


Jewelry Management:

Is there not enough room on your jewellery holder? Make the most of your old candles by storing your jewellery in them!


Mania Of Matches:

Put all of your matches in one location. Use our little matte candles or a votive for your shorter ones, and a bigger container for your longer cigar matches.


Vase For Flowers:

Freshly cut flowers will like candle containers, whether little or large – ideal for use as a smaller vase in the workplace.


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