THC Syrup: What Is It?

In every corner of the Earth, many elixirs have been made as syrups. These syrups can be used to relieve pain and give you a strong high or both. THC syrup is a unique, potent way to consume cannabis.

But what is THC syrup? Let's take a look at what it actually is.

So What Exactly Is THC Syrup And

The process of making liquid marijuana from cannabis concentrate or oils is to infuse vegetable glycerine with it and then add sugar or another sweetener. There are many online recipes for THC syrup. Many claims to be able to make a syrup that has the same viscosity as cough syrups but without the medicine flavor.

You can also buy it from dispensaries. It can be pricey and hard to locate.

How Can You Use THC Syrup To Treat Your Condition?

You might wonder, if you already own premium flour, THC gummies, and a pipe or other papers within arm’s reach, then why bother with THC Syrup?

THC syrup has been a hit with marijuana users for its ability to produce the same effects as marijuana edibles. However, it can also have an onset that is much faster than those of marijuana edibles. THC syrup's effects can take as long as an hour to kick in in a hash brown or THC gummy. However, people are claiming that they can feel them in a matter of minutes.

Why Has It Become So Beloved?

THC syrup is extremely popular due to a variety of reasons. It can give you the full-body, intoxicating high of edibles.

The cannabis syrup business may also be benefiting from the popularity of hip-hop and pop culture lean.

At least one manufacturer places "lean” directly into the title of their product.

Cannabis uses Hip Hop imagery to promote its products and services. Its main homepage features a photo showing a young Black man, dressed in a NY Yankees red jersey, pouring THC syrup from the tropical punch into a glass of soft drink. Cannabis claims that THC syrup should be mixed with a beverage.

What's The Difference Between Smoking And THC Syrup?

Commonly, edibles have a higher level of potency than smoking or vaping. The THC gets into your bloodstream almost instantly when you smoke cannabis. This causes an extremely rapid onset. THC enters the body through the digestive tract and then to the liver. It is then converted into 11hydroxy THC. This is not why edibles take so long to kick in. However, it is why they produce a distinct high than smoking.

Research has shown that 11-hydroxy THC is stronger than THC. Anyone who has taken edibles will confirm that the experience is longer lasting and more intense than THC. It can produce both a powerful body high and a powerful cerebral impact.

THC syrup mixed in a soft beverage can make a cannabis beverage. THC syrups come in many different consistency levels.

Cannabis beverages can have a longer onset than standard edibles. They can last well over an hour. This is changing as more of the industry's efforts are directed toward producing fast-onset beverages.


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