How Much Less Expensive Are HEETS Cigarettes Than Regular Cigarettes?

Both vaping and using HEETS tobacco sticks are less expensive than smoking cigarettes, but how much are they? We'll look at how much heated tobacco costs in comparison to cigarettes, and why it's less expensive.

To find out precisely how much money you may save by converting from smoking to using heated tobacco, use our savings calculator.

Advantages of Using IQOS Instead of Cigarettes

There are other advantages of utilising hot tobacco. To offer the authentic flavour of tobacco, IQOS Heat Control Technology warms rather than burns tobacco. IQOS will leave substantially fewer stains on your drapes and furnishings than cigarette smoke, and smokers who have transitioned to IQOS report that there is less of an unpleasant sensation and aftertaste left in their mouth than after smoking a cigarette.

If you want to understand more about the distinctions between IQOS, HEETS, and cigarettes, check out our guide.

What Are The Alternatives To Cigarette Smoking?

The dangers of continuing to smoke cigarettes are widely understood. While quitting tobacco and nicotine usage is the best option for every smoker, many struggles to do so. For some smokers who are unable or unwilling to stop, there are alternatives to smoking that are much superior to continuing to smoke.

Among these smoking alternatives, IQOS provides a ritual comparable to traditional smoking but with less dangerous chemicals.

Heated Tobacco Is Now Available

Heated tobacco systems, which heat tobacco to a regulated temperature rather than burning it, are an alternative to smoking. In comparison to cigarettes, IQOS, the only comprehensive heated tobacco system in the USA, produces 95% fewer hazardous chemicals. IQOS delivers authentic tobacco flavour and enjoyment by utilising actual tobacco rather than e-liquid.

Why should you use IQOS?

In the United Kingdom, IQOS is the sole tobacco-free option for smoking. Unlike vapes, which employ e-liquid to provide cigarette-like enjoyment, IQOS heats genuine tobacco.

Less Dangerous Than Continuing To Smoke

When compared to cigarettes, heating tobacco using an IQOS device generates 95% fewer hazardous chemicals.

There Is No Burning

IQOS does not burn tobacco, but rather warms it to a precise temperature. When cigarettes are burned, they reach temperatures of over 800° C at the tip, releasing significantly more hazardous compounds into the smoke.

You Have Less of an Influence on Others around You

Because IQOS has no detrimental influence on interior air quality, you don't have to be concerned about the impacts of second-hand smoke if you use it inside.

There Is No Need for a Lighter

IQOS does not need the use of a lighter. Instead, innovative Heat Control technology in the device's heating blade warms the tobacco from the inside out. As there is no lighted end to be concerned about, there is no chance of cigarette burns on clothes or furnishings. Unlike cigarettes, there is no danger of fire while using IQOS.

There Is No Residual Odour

Unlike cigarette smoke, which leaves a lasting aroma on your hair, clothing, breath, and soft furnishings, IQOS vapour does not.

A Similar Rite

The authentic tobacco flavour and equivalent enjoyment to cigarettes make IQOS quite similar to smoking a cigarette in terms of experience. The comfort of unwrapping a HEETS pack of 20 tobacco sticks, raising the filter tip to your lips, and inhaling the real tobacco flavours may assist folks who might otherwise continue to smoke transition to a healthier option.

Genuine Tobacco Flavour

IQOZ Heets cigarettes utilise actual tobacco. For many, the real flavour makes it a more fulfilling alternative to smoking.

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