The Advantages Of An Air Cooler

It is very hard to overstate the importance of air-conditioned offices and homes. High-temperature environments can adversely affect human health in many ways. It can cause discomfort, and it can make it difficult to sleep well or relax. The use of cooling devices has become a necessity. Cooling down with an air cooler is a great way to beat the summer heat without breaking the bank. An air cooler evaporates the water in storage tanks and then delivers cooled air to us.

While it is an excellent device, there are many other important factors to consider when buying an air cooler. We will be discussing the benefits of a portable air cooler. Before we dive into the benefits of air coolers let's first look at how they work.

How Do Air Coolers Work? Where Do They Work Best?

Air coolers work on the direct-evaporative principle. This uses water evaporation as a cooling mechanism. One of the most common designs lets water trickle over a porous, absorbent pad. A powerful fan blows air back through the pad into the room simultaneously. The pad's moisture evaporates, which removes heat from the room.

The blower or fan distributes the chilled air via a duct system or directly into your home through a vent. The only part that is active apart from the fan is the pump which maintains a constant flow of water on the pad. Some models have a pump that is completely absent, instead of using a reservoir that must be filled manually.

Dry and hot are the best conditions for evaporative cooling. If the ambient temperature is 50°F and the relative humidity is 10%, an air cooler will reduce the temperature by 1 degree Fahrenheit. If the humidity is 90%, the air cooler will only decrease the temperature by 1°F. This is barely noticeable. Air coolers are best suited for deserted areas. They add humidity to high regions and provide a slight cooling effect.

The Advantages Of An Air Cooler

Air coolers are a practical and affordable way to keep cool during the summer heat. The benefits of an air cooler are endless. Below are some of the benefits of an air conditioner.

1. Prevents Heat Strokes And Dehydration

Dehydration can occur when you are exposed to high heat for long periods. High temperatures can cause excessive sweating and can cause your body to lose water. Air conditioners reduce sweating which lowers the chances of water loss and dehydration. Heat strokes can also be caused by excessive heat. The temperature of the air is lowered by air coolers, which can help prevent heat strokes.

2. Asthma And Allergies Can Be Reduced

Many people wonder if an air conditioner can cause asthma. They can be used to treat asthmatic patients. Air coolers can filter and disinfect the air we inhale. Asthma attacks and allergies can be reduced by clearing out pollen and dust and preventing mold growth and mildew. Mold exposure is a significant cause of asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

3. Air Quality Improved

Coolers can improve indoor air quality and make the environment more healthy. This is because they can filter out particles and pollen from the air. By lowering humidity, air coolers can reduce the growth of mold and moisture.

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