7 Summer Activities that Support Students beyond School

With unknown future variables surrounding classroom dynamics and tuition costs, as well as the world of education, it has undoubtedly been one of most unusual summers for highschoolers.

All academic levels face uncertainty in the short- and longer-term outlook of educating their students. Many young people are considering the next phase in their academic careers, going into college.

Despite uncertain futures, students still have the opportunity to invest in themselves. Summertime is an excellent time to do so. You can learn valuable skills and experience in the real world by participating in summer activities regardless of whether your goal is to go to college or build a successful career .

There are many creative ways to take full advantage of the summer. These summer activities can spark your creativity.


With digital devices becoming more popular, students are not taking the time anymore to read books. According to studies, young students lose the motivation to read as they age. Reading is not only a great way to get information, but also to broaden your knowledge and help you communicate better.

All aspects of your daily life require reading comprehension and communication, but particularly so for college applications. A majority of admissions requirements involve writing essays, sharing a CV, and possibly participating in interviews.

You don’t need to read a textbook in order to gain value from reading. Many high-achieving students will be able to attest that the power of reading books rather than online is evident. This is because online writing is often too short.

Long-form writing can also be a great way to expand your thinking and communicate better.


There are often opportunities for you to give of your time to pursue specific passions or interests.

You are looking for ways to encourage and educate others. Volunteer for an organization that is dedicated to doing just that. Are you intrigued by art and interested in a career as a creator?

Volunteer at a local gallery, art museum, or creative agency that aligns your interests. To get an idea of what life as a physician is like, Contact your local doctor to volunteer or job shadow.

To land meaningful volunteer opportunities, you have to put yourself out there. Asking for a volunteer opportunity is the first step. Start doing your research and looking into volunteer opportunities. You might be amazed at how many organizations are in search of free labor.

You want volunteering to reflect your character and priorities. These experiences give students the opportunity to be proactive and actively engage in important topics.


The availability of many web platforms such Wix, Squarespace and WordPress means that HTML or programming languages are not required. In most cases you will be responsible for the content and organization on your website.

Students can build websites for various reasons, including to blog and post content, to create an online portfolio or to sell a product.

Websites are a great way to demonstrate to college admissions what you’ve done and who you are. Just include the web address of your site in your college applications. This will make it easy to show college admissions officers what you have done online.


Landing a job, or an internship, can make it easier to earn money and gain valuable life skills. Teenagers are not as likely to find employment today than they were in the 50s and 60s. However, seasonal and year-round jobs are available for high school students.

Teens with a goal to learn, grow and earn an income should not be restricted from finding work. Be grateful to be able to hold any job, regardless of whether it is a babysitter at the grocery store, a tutor, restaurant worker or counselor at camp, or even if you’re a computer technician.

Consider your options if you’re fortunate enough to be able choose the job that most aligns with what interests you. Any job is better then none, and it speaks volumes to your ability to contribute as a mature member of society.

Keep in mind, however, that some colleges allow job manager or supervisors write a letter of recommendation to you on your behalf. Even though it might seem as though you only get money or experience in a job, you can still have integrity and respect your advisors. This could make them a valuable and useful reference much quicker than you think.


Community service means doing the things you enjoy to help others. Community service, like volunteering does not need to rely on an existing program or an opportunity for involvement. Some of the most effective and innovative initiatives involve starting your own project.

It is possible to create a community project because there are so many things you can do for those in need.

Is there a demand to provide more after-school activities and programs for children and youth? Are there many beer cans and trash left by sports fans outside a minor league ballpark? Is it difficult for young voters to vote in your community.

These examples should be used as a call to action to help create change in the community. In order to form a youth group for your community, collect signatures of neighbors. After the fans return, rally a group friends to clean up around the minor-league baseball stadium.

Make a social media community and go door-to door to encourage young qualified voters. You can help others by creating community projects.


Although starting a business may seem daunting, the process isn’t as hard as it seems.

You can find people in need of your services, whether you’re an online business, a classic landscaping business, or even a mobile drink stand providing cold water and beverages at events. People want their lawns mowed in the summer and their thirst quenched.

Find a niche interest you and your capabilities and take the initiative to make it a success. Many creative students have established everything from screen printing businesses and baked goods delivery companies.

Students often have the opportunity to invite a client or customer to offer a recommendation. These testimonials can be powerful and effective. They can give students an advantage against similar qualified students for admission to top universities.

Also, entrepreneurial experiences can inspire compelling essays that detail the highs or lows of starting your own business. Remember that starting a company will often involve trial and errors, and in some instances, failures.

Students can’t get a better experience than learning how to make an interest a business. Even if the business does not make money, the effort is worth it for budding entrepreneurs.


While reading or listening for pleasure is a wonderful way to learn, there’s a lot of information online and in the real world that you can absorb.

Students have more options to access online courses for no cost. Many online courses are highly educational. Some also include a certificate or completion. This is an attractive way to show that you completed the course.

However, even if online courses are not your thing, there are many free resources online that can help.

One such example is a student, who designed and implemented an entire weight-loss and athletic training regime. There weren’t personal trainers, coaches, nor any other paid support. All that was available were YouTube videos. The student lost twenty-five pounds, completed her triathlon first time, and is happier than ever.

At the end, long-term decisions like learning to become better versions of yourself are more important that getting into any university. Although being healthy, happy and strong certainly doesn’t hurt anybody’s chances of getting into top universities,

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